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I'm a PhD candidate in the history department at Princeton, where I work on 19th- and 20th-century Germany from a global perspective. My research focuses on the relationship between global economic integration and international order--especially from the perspective of businesses and other private actors. In my work, I ask how firms and private actors have run parallel to, askew from, and perpendicularly against states' imperial and/or foreign policies. I also ask how states and international institutions have sought to manage, secure, and violently compete over the fruits of globalization. I'm interested in how global integration interacts with national politics; in the continuities and ruptures that marked the transition from a world of empires to a world of nation-states; and in the relationship between business and politics. These interests combine in my dissertation, which charts a competition of visions of world economic order among Hamburg, Germany's economic elite from the end of the 19th century to the postwar period and captures broader changes in the links between the world economy and world power in the 20th century.
Jack Guenther is a doctoral candidate in history at Princeton University. His research focuses on modern Germany, global economic history, the history of international order, and the relationship between markets and state power in the 20th century.
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