About Elliott Reichardt

Hello! My name is Elliott Reichardt and I am an avid listener of the New Books Network! I am also a 4th year PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Stanford University. I conduct research on industrial logging and reconciliation policies in British Columbia, Canada. At Stanford I have topical familiarity in the anthropology of North America, Capitalism, Colonialism, Medical Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, and the Environment. I also have a background in the history of medicine and psychology. I have long been interested in podcasting, dating back to my undergraduate years some 8 years ago. I love interviewing and exploring with authors the depth of their work and what their arguments are. Every week I check the NBN to stay up-to-date with research trends in my field. Below are other channels I could work on: Peoples & Places American Studies Science & Technology Medicine Native American Studies Science, Technology, and Society Psychology Environmental Studies American West Ethnographic Marginalia Canadian Studies

NBN Episodes hosted by Elliott:

Vincanne Adams, "Glyphosate and the Swirl: An Agroindustrial Chemical on the Move" (Duke UP, 2023)

July 25, 2023

Glyphosate and the Swirl

Vincanne Adams

Vincanne Adams's book Glyphosate and the Swirl: An Agroindustrial Chemical on the Move (Duke UP, 2023) is part of a broader trend in anthropology that…