About Felicity Stone-Richards

I am a political theorist with a background in Japanese studies and East Asian European Imperial history. My work is very wide ranging, I study Sino-Japanese political relations, Japanese historical acknowledgment vis-à-vis that Asia Pacific War, and White Western, Afro-diasporic and Japanese political theory. My guiding theory on historical acknowledgment I draw from Stanley Cavell, James Baldwin and Alice Walker's conceptions of soul communication and the way in which we are implicated in societal denial of particular atrocities. At this point, I am exploring Japanese activists and theorists who understand should communication in similar ways, and hope to put together a transnational comparative political theory dissertation on soul communication. I am also exploring Japanese minority and feminist radical movements, and hoping to highlight those that are already engaging with the political practice of acknowledgment that I want to highlighting. This work has led me into the sub-discipline of Afro-Japanese studies. I am currently working on two journal projects, one exploring BLM in Japan, and one exploring Afro-Japanese feminist practice. If I were to become a host of NBN, I would like to interview scholars in the Afro-Japanese and wider Afro-Asian space, scholars like Nahum Chandler, Will Bridges, Yuichiro Onishi, Kazuyo Tsuchiya, Anne McKnight. I would also like to interview scholars that work in the field of comparative political theory and critical race theory and push our understanding of critical political though beyond the comparison of euro-centric literature. People like Adam Getachew, HLT Quan, Robert Vitalis. All the people listed have written important books on Afro-Japanese or critical race studies from 2012 to 2020. I do not know how 'new' the books have to be, but these are the kinds of books I would hope to explore as a host go NBN.

Felicity Stone-Richards is a PhD student in Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is a comparative political theorist of Afro-diasporic and Japanese theory, and scholar of contemporary transnational political activism.

NBN Episodes hosted by Felicity: