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I've always been a bit of a History geek. As a veteran of the U.S. Navy, the world appeared before me. Eventually, I returned to school to major in History, asking questions which eventually led me to study in the U.K., earning my PhD in 2015. As a teacher, I do teach students to podcast and samples of those podcasts do appear on my bio and blog site, joehistorian.com. My book on the execution of Admiral John Byng also has a website and can be found at byngmicrohistory.com. I am open to all histories, though I am partial to the long eighteenth century. The transition into modernism fascinates me, human adjustments to globalism, the rise of powerful trading companies, markets that have gravity, reactions to all of this, especially religious outlooks and their curious mix of condemnations and approbations. I also look at the Atlantic, the waterway that connects Europe to Africa and to the New World. The rise of slavery, the demise of the indigenous, and the degradation of natural resources. All that, and I am also a celebrated teacher - awarded so by my teaching institution. Last, podcasting is terrific, an incredible tool to get the word out for very little costs.

Joseph Krulder is a historian of Britain's long eighteenth-century: cultural, social, military, and economic.

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