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Adam Goodman, "The Deportation Machine: America’s Long History of Expelling Immigrants" (Princeton UP, 2020)

June 2, 2024

The Deportation Machine

Adam Goodman
Hosted by Jaime Sánchez

Many of us know that immigrants have been deported from the United States for well over a century, but has anyone ever asked how? In The Deportation M…

A. B. Cox and C. M. Rodríguez, "The President and Immigration Law" (Oxford UP, 2020)

October 14, 2020

The President and Immigration Law

Adam B. Cox and Cristina M. Rodríguez
Hosted by Jaime Sánchez

Who truly controls immigration law in the United States? Though common sense might suggest the U.S. Congress, legal scholars Adam B. Cox and Cristina …

Frederick Luis Aldama, "Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities" (U Arizona Press, 2020)

September 22, 2020

Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities

Frederick Luis Aldama
Hosted by Jaime Sánchez

An early wave of research helped make visible the complex dynamics of sexuality and gender norms in Latino life, but a new generation of scholars is b…

Deborah E. Kanter, "Chicago Católico: Making Catholic Parishes Mexican" (U Illinois Press, 2020)

August 11, 2020

Chicago Católico

Deborah E. Kanter
Hosted by Jaime Sánchez

What happens when a new group of migrants enters not just the social and economic life of a city, but also its religious institutions? Deborah E. Kant…

Benjamin Francis-Fallon, "The Rise of the Latino Vote: A History" (Harvard UP, 2019)

December 31, 2019

The Rise of the Latino Vote

Benjamin Francis-Fallon
Hosted by Jaime Sánchez

While media pundits continually speculate over the future leanings of the so-called “Latino vote,” Benjamin Francis-Fallon historicizes how Latinos we…

Lorena Oropeza, "The King of Adobe: Reies López Tijerina, Lost Prophet of the Chicano Movement" (UNC Press, 2019)

October 22, 2019

The King of Adobe

Lorena Oropeza
Hosted by Jaime Sánchez

Lorena Oropeza, Professor of History at the University of California at Davis, sheds new light on one of Chicano history’s most notorious figures in h…

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof, "Racial Migrations: New York City and the Revolutionary Politics of the Spanish Caribbean" (Princeton UP, 2019)

August 27, 2019

Racial Migrations

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof
Hosted by Jaime Sánchez

In his new book, Racial Migrations: New York City and the Revolutionary Politics of the Spanish Caribbean (Princeton University Press, 2019), historia…

Jennifer A. Jones, "The Browning of the New South" (U Chicago Press, 2019)

July 24, 2019

The Browning of the New South

Jennifer A. Jones
Hosted by Jaime Sánchez

The dawn of the new millennium bore witness to an unprecedented transformation of the population in the Southeastern United States as evidenced by Dr.…