About Evan Zarkadas

I hold a Master's degree in European History with a medieval focus on identity and ethnicity from the University of Maine. I was born and raised in Greece, and in 2013 I moved permanently to the States with my family, we now reside in Rhode Island. In 2016 I enrolled at the University of Maine at Presque Isle where I obtained my BA in History and Political Science, as well as a certificate in GIS. My Master's degree in European History and my thesis have to do with identity during the Late Medieval period in the Byzantine Empire. I am interested in a variety of multidisciplinary topics and research, some of them including, European history, medieval studies, ethnicity and identity, anthropology, classical studies, genocide studies, and historical education. I am extremely passionate about teaching history and I aspire to continue my history journey through a Ph.D. program in the near future. Other than that, I also love the world of academic and non-academic publishing, and I hope one day to engage professionally in the field as well. When it comes to podcasting, I have been interested in the field for a long time, and I have previous experience with my own podcast and hosting other podcasts as well. I believe strongly in the power and influence of podcasting in education that is why I have been engaged as much as I can in the field.

NBN Episodes hosted by Evan: