About Julia Keblinska

I am postdoc at OSU's Center for Historical Research, working on a comparative project about East Asian/Eastern European socialisms. My dissertation, and hopefully soon, new book, is titled "New Era, New Media: The Postsocialist Chinese Media Ecology." It is a media history of the early postsocialist period in China (1978-1989) that analyzes print culture, television, and cinema as a dynamic media ecology. At OSU, I am teaching a class on Cold War cultures in Eastern Europe and East Asia and working on both the "New Era, New Media" manuscript and my next project, "Revolutionary Skeuomorphs," a study of new media as they interact with socialist nostalgias in contemporary China and Eastern Europe.

Julia Keblinska is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Center for Historical Research at the Ohio State University specializing in Chinese media history and comparative socialisms.

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