Nov 27, 2023

I Know Where I’m Going!

A Film by Emeric Powell and Michael Pressburger

New Books Network 2023

Samuel Johnson once asked, “What enemy would invade Scotland, where there is nothing to be got?” He must never have seen I Know Where I’m Going (1945). In their fifth examination of a Powell and Pressburger film, Mike and Dan talk about what makes this cinematic Scotland a more authentic place than England and how the film’s heroine gains maturity and depth once she abandons her itinerary. Dan brings up an American film he considers a sibling to this one; Mike praises the film’s economy; both wish they could go to the cèilidh. You can’t marry the British Chemical Company, but you can dance the Scottish, so give it a listen!

Samuel Johnson’s and James Boswell’s accounts of their travels in Scotland are a terrific read and tie in wonderfully with the film. You may also enjoy Neil Oliver’s History of Scotland, based on his BBC series.

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