Fae Garland and Mitchell Travis, "Intersex Embodiment: Legal Frameworks Beyond Identity and Disorder" (Bristol UP, 2022)


What is intersex and why does it matter? What is the power of law to disrupt dominant narratives? I had a fascinating conversation with authors Dr Fae Garland and Dr Mitchell Travis about their book, Intersex Embodiment: Legal Frameworks Beyond Identity and Disorder (Bristol UP, 2023). We got into detail about these groundbreaking human rights issues. We spoke about the very real challenges faced in conducting legal research that has meaningful impact for social change. In research spanning many years, Garland and Travis worked directly with intersex people and their parents to produce this nuanced, sensitive and extensively researched book. Their's is a monograph that challenges dominant medical narratives, particularly with regard to the way that gender binaries are demarcated and identities are constructed. The book has power both beyond its subject matter and beyond the academy: it will bring pause for reflection as to the role of researchers and the work that lawyers can do in the pursuit of the acceptance and emergence of difference, and especially with regard to the enforcement of human rights. 

Dr Fae Garland is a Senior Lecturer in Law at The University of Manchester 

Dr Mitchell Travis is a Senior Lecturer in Law and Social Justice at The University of Leeds. 

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Jane Richards is a Lecturer in Law at York Law School, UK.

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