Kay Wilson, "Mental Health Law: Abolish Or Reform?" (Oxford UP, 2021)


The debate about whether mental health law should be abolished or reformed is one that is highly charged and to which there are no easy solutions. In Mental Health Law: Abolish Or Reform? (Oxford UP, 2021), Dr Kay Wilson does not shy away from these controversial debates. Examining the work that dignity can do, she makes the case for an holistic interpretation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In thinking about mental health reform, she provides a core framework which may guide support and intervention in a way that compels respect for the dignity of the person. This book makes an important contribution to the literature. Its nuanced approach and fearlessness in delving into the hard issues should be required reading for policy makers, lawyers and mental health practitioners. 

 Dr Kay Wilson is a postdoctoral fellow and co-convenor of The Disability Law Network at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne. She is also a co-editor of The Future of Mental Health, Disability and Criminal Law(Routledge, 2023). 

Jane Richards is a Lecturer in Law at York Law School, UK.

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Jane Richards is a Lecturer in Law at York Law School, UK.

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