James Rosone, "Rigged" (Front Line, 2019)


In military thrillers, many authors attempt to create plausible conflicts and many come up short, but James Rosone and Miranda Watson's Rigged (Front Line ,2019), Book one of "The Falling Empire Series," is a chilling what if scenario that is all too plausible. Rigged paints a tale that appears to be ripped from tomorrow's headline. A former military interrogator and military intelligence specialist, Rosone’s experience is evident in every page of the book, from portraying the interrogation of high value threats to situation room sequences full of suspense. In Rigged, an international shadow organization’s plot to unseat a controversial American President unfolds with disastrous consequences. Rosone and Watson weave a tale across years to assemble a world on the edge of the next great conflict. Invoking striking imagery and heart pounding action, Rigged is full of accounts that paint with accuracy the events of a plausible global crisis. As the truth of foreign involvement in American elections lands on headlines everywhere, Rigged is a timely thriller that places the world dead center of our worst nightmares. Coupled with a United Nations suddenly in the grips of global conspirators and insidiously emboldened with a military of its own, Rosone and Watson brew up a master-class in military thrillers unmatched since Tom Clancy’s The Bear and the Dragon. The rest of "The Falling Empire Series" pushes America deeper into that nightmare.

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