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Kevin Miller, "Fight Fight" (Braveship Books, 2018)

April 27, 2020

Fight Fight

Kevin Miller

In this interview we discuss Fight Fight (Braveship Books, 2018), book 3 of the Raven One series. In Fight Fight, former aviator Kevin Miller explores…

Jake Kaminski, "The Shadow Wolves" (Page Publishing, 2019)

March 30, 2020

The Shadow Wolves

Jake Kaminski

In his novel The Shadow Wolves (Page Publishing, 2019), Jake Kaminski tells the story of Ethan Crowe, a Lakota Sioux tracker who spent a career with t…

James Rosone, "Rigged" (Front Line, 2019)

March 25, 2020


James Rosone and Miranda Watson

In military thrillers, many authors attempt to create plausible conflicts and many come up short, but James Rosone and Miranda Watson's Rigged (Front …