Janis Powers, "Health Care: Meet The American Dream" (River Grove Books, 2018)


American health care is the most expensive in the world, yet it produces some of the worst outcomes among developed nations. Many people offer unrealistic ideas or hot buzz words for how to fix it but implementing those fixes are unrealistic. In the book Health Care: Meet The American Dream (River Grove Books, 2018), Janis Powers offers a solution that is truly based on the American dream. In her solution she aims to eliminate health insurance and Medicare with her Longitudinal Health Care Plans. She feels insurance plans are obsolete but that the private sector is what should be driving healthcare innovation. Her Dream Plan focuses more on preventative care while shifting more outcome accountability to the patient. She envisions a more market-based economy for healthcare goods and services. In this interview you will see how Janis envisions a road forward for American health care.
Jeremy Corr is the co-host of the hit Fixing Healthcare podcast along with industry thought leader Dr. Robert Pearl. A University of Iowa history alumnus, Jeremy is curious and passionate about all things healthcare, which means he’s always up for a good discussion! Reach him at jeremyccorr@gmail.com.

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