Christopher William England, "Land and Liberty: Henry George and the Crafting of Modern Liberalism" (Johns Hopkins UP, 2023)


Henry George’s Progress and Poverty was one of the best-selling books of the 19th century, and his ideas were taken up by by powerful figures as diverse as Sun Yat-sen, Leo Tolstoy, and Theodor Herzl. Yet, in the 21st century, George is often reduced to a footnote in the history of the Gilded Age. In Land and Liberty: Henry George and the Crafting of Modern Liberalism (Johns Hopkins UP, 2023), Christopher William England uncovers the influence of Georgism in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the movement’s contributions to American liberalism. In surveying George’s devotees and their impacts at the municipal and national levels, England demonstrates that George’s ideas were pivotal in reconciling liberalism to a democratic welfare state.

In this episode, we discuss George’s land value tax, domestic and international Georgist movements, and the influence of Progress and Poverty on American and British liberalism.

Reed Schwartz (@reedschwartzsf) is an MPhil student in Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge.

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