About Reed Schwartz

I'm an incoming MPhil student in intellectual history and political thought at the University of Cambridge. At Wesleyan University, I majored in the College of Social Science, an interdisciplinary major that combines history, economics, social theory, and government, and Hispanic Literature. My honors thesis was on the reception of Georgism since the 19th century, especially among early Zionists and libertarians, in the Republic of China, and in Silicon Valley. I'm especially interested in Georgism and land reform, libertarianism and the history of conservatism, and the political theory of Silicon Valley.

NBN Episodes hosted by Reed:

Christopher William England, "Land and Liberty: Henry George and the Crafting of Modern Liberalism" (Johns Hopkins UP, 2023)

June 14, 2024

Land and Liberty

Christopher William England
Hosted by Reed Schwartz

Henry George’s Progress and Poverty was one of the best-selling books of the 19th century, and his ideas were taken up by by powerful figures as diver…