Life after NIAS: A Conversation on the Closure of the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies


In December 2023, more than five decades of institutionalized Nordic collaboration in the field of Asian studies will come to an end with the closure of NIAS, the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies. What has been the impact of NIAS on Nordic research on Asia? What legacy will NIAS leave behind? And how will the closure of the institute impact the scope and quality of Nordic research collaborations in studying Asia, at a conjuncture where the global importance of Asia is increasingly evident? We discuss these issue in this episode where we are joined by a series of guests with a long personal and professional investment in NIAS. With us are former directors if the institute Jørgen Delman, Geir Helgesen, and Duncan McCargo; NIAS librarian Inga-Lill Blomkvist; and editor-in-chief of NIAS Press, Gerald Jackson.

Kenneth Bo Nielsen is an Associate Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo and one of the leaders of the Norwegian Network for Asian Studies.

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Kenneth Bo Nielsen

Kenneth Bo Nielsen is a social anthropologist based in Oslo, and one of the leaders of the Norwegian Network for Asian Studies.

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