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Mary Johnson

Nov 4, 2012

An Unquenchable Thirst

Following Mother Teresa in Search of Love, Service and an Authentic Life

Spiegel and Grau 2011

purchase at In December of 1975, Agnes Bojaxhiu, also known as Mother Teresa, appeared on the cover of TIME magazine with a caption that read: "Living Saints." Mary Johnson, a teenage girl at the time, saw this cover and was drawn in by what she saw as a wonderful life of meaning, love, and service. Two years later, she had joined the Missionaries of Charity, the religious community that Mother Teresa started in 1948, and there remained for 20 years. Though she fervently wanted to be a good nun, she found that the rules imposed upon the Sisters were often oppressive, unkind and unnecessary. In her memoir, An Unquenchable Thirst: Following Mother Teresa in Search of Love, Service and an Authentic Life (Spiegel and Grau, 2011), Mary takes us on her journey as a Missionary of Charity, judging kindly but not failing to criticize the community - and the Church - that was her life for many years. Though now a humanist and writer in the secular world, Mary shares with us what it was like to be a nun in what she calls the "Marines" of the Catholic Church, and how, far from the idolized saintly image most have of her, Mother Teresa was indeed as human as the rest of us. You can find out more about Mary and the Missionaries of Charity at her website. Audio Interview Below

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