Matthew Binder

Mar 21, 2019

The Absolved

Black Spot Books 2018

purchase at Henri is a middle-aged doctor, one of the few employed people left in the U.S, though the reader suspects his job might be in danger. The hospital administrator, Serena, keeps reducing staff. A large sector of the population, the Absolved are freed from doing any work and receive a guaranteed minimum income. Their days are spent watching sports on TV, or like Henri’s wife, Rachel, staying productive with charity work. Another contingent of people can’t register for the guaranteed income; they’re known as the dispossessed. Political upheaval results as another election draws near; the liberal president who promised jobs has been unable to deliver, and a demagogue throws his hat in the ring for the highest office. However, Henri remains an ironic observer of society; he is too preoccupied by his affair with a failed medical student, his demanding wife and his shots of whisky at a dive bar to engage. That is, until he sacrifices his own career for his mistress, and his life beings to unravel. Join me, as I speak with Matthew Binder about The Absolved (Black Spot Books, 2018).
Gabrielle Mathieu is the author of the historical fantasy Falcon series and the upcoming epic fantasy, Girl of Fire. She blogs about travel and her books at You can also follow her on Twitter to get updates about new podcasts and more @GabrielleAuthor.

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Gabrielle Mathieu is the author of the YA fantasy, Girl of Fire, the first in the Berona’s Quest series, and the historical fantasy Falcon series. You can follow her on Twitter to get updates about new podcasts and more @GabrielleAuthor, or visit her website at
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