Ela Gezen, Priscilla Layne, and Jonathan Skolnik

Oct 21, 2022

Minority Discourses in Germany since 1990

Berghahn Books 2022

While German unification promised a new historical beginning, it also stirred discussions about contemporary Germany's Nazi past and ideas of citizenship and belonging in a changing Europe. Minority Discourses in Germany Since 1990 explores the intersections and divergences between Black German, Turkish German, and German Jewish experiences, with reflections on the evolving academic paradigms with which these are studied. Informed by comparative approaches, the volume investigates social and aesthetic interventions into contemporary

German public and political discourse on memory, racism, citizenship, immigration, and history.

In this episode, the editors, Ela Gezen, Priscilla Layne, and Jonathan Skolnik, talk about how they came to cross the bridge of often isolated disciplinary fields and in what ways some of the chapters converse with each other. They discuss four chapters in more detail and open up a path to future dialogue between scholars studying minoritized groups in Germany.

Nicole Coleman is Associate Professor of German at Wayne State University. She tweets @drnicoleman.

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Nicole Coleman is Assistant Professor of German at Wayne State University.
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