Monica Mattfeld, "Becoming Centaur: Eighteenth-Century Masculinity and English Horsemanship" (Pennsylvania State UP, 2017)


Monica Mattfeld's Becoming Centaur: Eighteenth-Century Masculinity and English Horsemanship (Penn State University Press, 2017) explores the complex relationship between men and their horses, and reflects upon how these interactions defined a man's gendered and political positions within society. Focusing on training manuals, memoirs, images, satires, and other rich materials produced by some of the periods most influential equestrians, Mattfeld examines how the concepts and practices of horse husbandry evolved in relation to social, cultural, and political life. Monica Mattfeld is an Assistant Professor of English and History at the University of Northern British Columbia and specializes in animal studies and the literature and history of eighteenth-century England. She has published on early-modern horsemanship practices, theatrical animals, the early circus, and performances of gender. In addition to authoring Becoming Centaur (2017), Monica is also the co-editor of multiple animal-studies publications.
Tyler Yank is a senior doctoral candidate in History at McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Her work explores bonded women and British Empire in the western Indian Ocean World.

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