Robert G. Ingram

Oct 24, 2018

Reformation Without End

Religion, Politics and the Past in Post-Revolutionary England

Manchester University Press 2018

purchase at Robert G. Ingram's Reformation Without End: Religion, Politics and the Past in Post-Revolutionary England (Manchester University Press, 2018) radically reinterprets the English Reformation. Subjects in eighteenth-century England didn't know they were living in something called ‘the Enlightenment.’ Rather, they were still grappling with the fallout of the Reformation, and more specifically the results of two bloody seventeenth-century revolutions. Ingram's excellent book analyzes the ways that the eighteenth-century English debated the causes and consequences of those seventeenth-century revolutions and the event caused them. Robert G. Ingram is a professor of History at Ohio University, where he teaches early Modern British and European religious, political, and intellectual history. He is also the founding director of the George Washington Forum on American Ideas, Politics and Institutions.
Tyler Yank is a senior doctoral candidate in History at McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Her work explores bonded women and British Empire in the western Indian Ocean World.

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