Olufemi Taiwo, "Africa Must be Modern: A Manifesto" (Indiana UP, 2014)


Olufemi Taiwo's unremittingly honest and daring book, Africa Must be Modern: A Manifesto (Indiana University Press, 2014), confronts the reluctance, if not outright hostility, of many Africans to embrace modernity. He shows how this hostility has stifled the continent's economic development and how it has impeded social and political transformation. Only by tapping into the continent's vast intellectual as well as natural resources, only by fully engaging with democracy and globalization, will Africans be able to free themselves from the indignities of dependence on foreign aid along with the despair and fatalism which many Africans have come to regard as their natural lot. While many may not agree with Taiwo's positions, they will be unable to ignore what he has to say in this bold exhortation for Africa to come into the twenty first century. Engagingly and passionately written, Africa Must be Modern: A Manifesto is about more than Africa. It is about the world and what we all need to do to make it a better place for everyone.

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