Kaiama Glover

Nov 14, 2022

On Aimé Césaire's "Discourse on Colonialism"

A Discussion with Kaiama Glover

New Books Network 2022

Aimé Césaire was born in 1913 on the island of Martinique, which was colonized by the French in the 1600s. He received a scholarship to complete his education in Paris, and by 1935, he’d fallen in with a crowd of brilliant scholars, intellectuals, and activists through his studies. In 1944, Césaire gave a series of lectures in Haiti, inspiring his students to organize a massive strike a few years later. In 1946, he negotiated the transformation of Martinique from a colony of France into a Department of France, which it remains to this day. And in 1950, he wrote Discourse on Colonialism. Many of his earlier writings were directed to those being colonized. This text was specifically for the French. Kaiama Glover is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of French and Africana Studies at Barnard College of Columbia University. She is the author of Haiti Unbound: A Spiralist Challenge to the Postcolonial Canon and A Regarded Self: “Caribbean Womanhood and the Ethics of Disorderly Being. See more information on our website, WritLarge.fm.

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