Katharina Volk

Oct 28, 2022

On Cicero's "On Friendship"

A Discussion with Katharina Volk

New Books Network 2022

There’s nothing better or more important in life than a good friend. For Roman statesman and philosopher Cicero, the emphasis was on “good.” Cicero lived through the assassination of Caesar, one of the most famous examples of betrayal between friends in history. But according to Cicero’s treatise On Friendship, you must be virtuous to be a good friend, and, he argues, bad people cannot really be friends. In this text, Cicero examines true friendship, tough love, social transaction, and affection. Professor Katharina Volk of Columbia University discusses the role of friendship in ancient Rome and how this text in particular has kept Latin alive. See more information on our website, WritLarge.fm.

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