Marica Bartusiak

Aug 22, 2022

On Edwin Hubble’s "The Realm of the Nebulae"

A Discussion with Marica Bartusiak

New Books Network 2022

Until the publication of Edwin Hubble’s 1936 book, The Realm of the Nebulae, astronomers believed that the Milky Way was the only galaxy in the universe. Hubble infinitely expanded our understanding of the cosmos and showed that what scientists thought was everything, was really just the beginning. In this episode, MIT professor emeritus Marcia Bartusiak unpacks Hubble’s findings and discusses how they impact the field of astronomy to this day. Marica Bartusiak is Professor of the Practice Emeritus of the Graduate Program in Science Writing at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She writes on physics and astronomy and her work has been published in National Geographic Magazine, Discover Magazine, Science Magazine, and many others. See more information on our website,

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