Caroline Winterer

Oct 3, 2022

On Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"

A Discussion with Caroline Winterer

New Books Network 2022

In the 1770s, the American colonies were working up to a revolution. But while the colonists were increasingly dissatisfied with British rule, there was no general consensus on what to do about it. Thomas Paine saw a clear solution. In 1776, he published Common Sense. Caroline Winterer discusses Common Sense, a pamphlet that uses the language of the people to denounce monarchical rule and advocate for a new, independent government. Caroline Winterer is a professor of History at Stanford where she teaches early American history, particularly the history of ideas, political theory, and the history of science. She co-edited Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era and is the author of American Enlightenments: Pursuing Happiness in the Age of Reason, among other works. See more information on our website,

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