Opening Up the University for Displaced Students


Welcome to The Academic Life! In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) operating out of Central European University.
  • The importance of language related to students experiencing displacement.
  • How our guests center theory-informed practice in their work.
  • Three proposals for opening up the university to promote transformative experiences.
  • Advice to others in the field initiating programs for displaced students.

Our guests are: Dr. Ian M. Cook and Dr. Prem Kumar Rajaram, two of the three editors of Opening Up the University: Teaching and Learning with Refugees. Dr. Celine Cantat is also an editor on the volume. Ian M. Cook is Director of Studies at the Open Learning Initiative (OLIve), Budapest located at Central European University (CEU). An anthropologist by training, his work focuses on urban India, environmental justice, access to higher education, and podcasting. He strives to make scholarly practice more collaborative and multimodal. He is part of the Allegra Lab editorial collective.

Dr. Prem Kumar Rajaram is Professor of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University and Head of the OLIve unit at the same university. He works on issues to do with race, capitalism, and displacement in historical and contemporary perspective.

Our host is: Dr. Dana M. Malone, a higher education scholar and practitioner energized by facilitating meaningful conversations and educational experiences. She specializes in college student relationships, gender, sexuality, and religious identities as well as student success and assessment planning.

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Dr. Dana Malone (she/her) is a scholar and practitioner energized by facilitating meaningful learning experiences for students and educators alike.

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