Dylan Mulvin, "Proxies: The Cultural Work of Standing In" (MIT Press, 2021)


What are the hidden histories of how the modern world functions? In Proxies: The Cultural Work of Standing In (MIT Press, 2021), Dylan Mulvin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE explores the objects, places, practices, and people that do the work of standing in. Theorising the ‘proxy’, the book uses case studies of the metric system, the Lena Image, and the Standardized Patient Program to uncover and critique the standards underpinning contemporary communications. The book offers critique and resistance, ultimately pointing the reader to the possibilities of a different world. Available open access, the book is essential reading across the arts and humanities and social sciences, as well as for engineering, computer science, and anyone interested in how society operates. You can also learn more about the book from this short film.

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Dave O'Brien is Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries, at the University of Manchester.

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