Sarah Atkinson and Helen W. Kennedy

May 13, 2023

Secret Cinema and the Immersive Experience Industry

Manchester University Press 2022

What is the future of media? In Secret Cinema and the Immersive Experience Industry (Manchester UP, 2022), Sarah Atkinson, a Professor of Screen Media at Kings College London, and Helen W Kennedy, Professor of Creative and Cultural Industries, at the University of Nottingham, explore the rise of immersive experiences using the detailed case study of Secret Cinema. The book offers both a rich and extensive history of Secret Cinema, as well as analysis of the evolution of key trends in media production and consumption more generally. The book covers the key performances, including mainstream hits such as Back To The Future, Casino Royale, and Stranger Things, as well as the companies evolution and smaller projects. As live experiences and media industries evolve in the post-pandemic era, the book will be essential reading across media and cultural studies, as well as across humanities and social sciences, and for anyone interested in the future of media and live performance industries.

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