Services and Training for Publishing Scientists: The Current Direction of Travel


Listen to this interview of John Bond, founder and publishing consultant of Riverwinds Consulting. We talk about the breadth of services and resources now on offer to publishing scientists — while the industry only grows broader and broader.

John Bond : "The one thing I would say helps specifically the middle-tier author (who'll, by the way, be most reluctant to try this) is this: Feel really comfortable sharing your early work on a more frequent and a wider basis. Because these authors tend to be quite shy about sharing work until they themselves think that it's absolutely perfect. And if we're really talking about the best quality ideas and the best quality work — well, sharing the concept with close ties early on, and then a draft or an outline with colleagues early on, and then the draft of it completely written, and then the final version — to do, so to speak, your own peer review early on, so that you head off rabbit holes you might be going down or poor expression of your ideas — that is really essential. Therefore, feel very comfortable with developing that network of people, in your institution, but most importantly, outside your institution."

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