Survival of the Leftest: Should We Embrace Behavioural Genetics?


Can genetics play a role in crafting left social policy? Or should we not touch those ideas ever again–even with a 10 foot pole? Paige Harden’s book, “The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality” makes a forceful case for an egalitarian politics informed by DNA. However, geneticist Joseph Graves critiqued the book, arguing that we do not need sophisticated genetic knowledge to make a more socially just world. On this episode managing producer Marc Apollonio guest hosts, talking to both.

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Marc Apollonio

Marc Apollonio is a podcast-producer and journalist with a background in investigative reporting, news and current affairs. His documentary, The Brightest Licence Plate In Montreal, won The Canadian Association of Journalists 2021 award for Human Rights Reporting. His current fixation is the politics of genetics and evolutionary biology.

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