Suzanne Newcombe, "Yoga in Britain: Stretching Spirituality and Educating Yogis" (Equinox, 2019)


Paying special attention to sociocultural threads form the period 1945-1980, Suzanne Newcombe's new book Yoga in Britain: Stretching Spirituality and Educating Yogis (Equinox, 2019) charts the trajectory of how yoga in became mainstream in Britain to the point of being taught to thousands of middle-class women in adult education classes. Drawing on archival evidence and interviews, the book shows the diverse figures and movements responsible for the popularization of yoga in Britain. Suzanne Newcombe is a Lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University and a Research Fellow at Inform, a charity based at Kings College London. She researches yoga and ayurveda from a sociological and social historical perspective.
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