Kathryn Fishman-Weaver and Jill Clingan

Jan 23, 2024

Teaching Women's and Gender Studies (Grades 9-12)

Classroom Resources on Resistance, Representation, and Radical Hope

Routledge 2022

Incorporate Women’s and Gender Studies into your middle school classroom using the powerful lesson plans in this book. In Kathryn Fishman-Weaver and Jill Clingan's Teaching Women's and Gender Studies (Grades 9-12) (Routledge, 2022), the authors present seven units organized around four key concepts: Why WGST; Art, Emotion, and Resistance; Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation; and Intersectionality.

With thought questions for activating prior knowledge, teaching notes, reflection questions, reproducibles, and strategies, these units are ready to integrate purposefully into your existing classroom practice. Across various subject areas and interdisciplinary courses, these lessons help to fill a critical gap in the curriculum. Through affirming, inclusive, and representative projects, this book offers actionable ways to encourage and support young people as they become changemakers for justice.

This book is part of a series on teaching Women’s and Gender Studies in the K-12 classroom. We encourage readers to also check out the high school edition.

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