The Hunting Trilogy


We all know the rules of the Looney Tunes universe: rabbits can outrun bullets, shots to the face don’t kill, and the laws of gravity don’t always apply. But that universe is still very much like our own, in which we all strive to be like Bugs Bunny, but are really like Daffy Duck. If there’s an aesthetic of frustration, Chuck Jones is its Shakespeare. Join us for a conversation about Rabbit Fire, Rabbit Seasoning, and Duck! Rabbit, Duck!—the three cartoons that comprise what’s called “The Hunting Trilogy.” We promise it’s not one of those awful attempts by intellectuals to rhapsodize about popular art, although we do bring in Henry James at one point. Regardless of whether it’s rabbit season or duck season, give it a listen!

If you’d like to learn more about the super-genius who created these films and dozens of others, check out Chuck Jones: Conversations, an installment in the series of interview collections by the University Press of Mississippi.

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