Jacqueline N. Parke

Jul 25, 2022

The Podcast Handbook

Create It, Market It, Make It Great

McFarland 2022

Jacqueline N. Parke's book The Podcast Handbook: Create It, Market It, Make It Great (McFarland, 2022) is a comprehensive overview of the burgeoning podcast industry. It covers the history of podcasting from its roots in radio; the variety of genres, topics and styles of today's podcasts (both individual and corporate); and the steps required to build your own podcast. The handbook covers all the elements needed to create a successful podcast including platform options, programming, advertising and sponsorships. Supplemental essays from professionals in various industries provide information and tips to enhance the podcasting experience. The structure of the book is easily adapted into lesson plans, and the exercises included for readers make it a book well suited for classes on podcasting.

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