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Gidi Ifergan

Sep 30, 2021

The Psychology of the Yogas

Equinox Publishing (UK) 2021

Gidi Ifergan's new book The Psychology of the Yogas (Equinox Publishing, 2021) explores the dissonance between the promises of the yogic quest and psychological states of crisis. Western practitioners of yoga and meditation who have embarked upon years-long spiritual quests and who have practiced under the guidance of a guru tell of profound and ongoing experiences of love, compassion and clarity: the peaks of spiritual fulfillment. However, after returning to the West, they reported difficulties and crises in different areas of their lives. Why did these practitioners, who had apparently touched the heights of fulfillment, still suffer from these crises?

Raj Balkaran is a scholar, educator, consultant, and life coach. For information see

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Raj Balkaran

Raj Balkaran is a scholar, online educator, and life coach. For information see

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