Dec 25, 2023

The Sting

A Film by George Roy Hill

New Books Network 2023

There’s nothing like being conned at the movies. Join Mike and Dan as they talk about George Roy Hill’s beautifully-constructed toy, The Sting. Dan explains how the long con in the film is like a theatrical production and how con games and films are similar forms of art. Mike revs up with a rant about why Pauline Kael is overrated, continues with one about how Robert Shaw is underrated, and finally claims that anyone who doesn’t like The Sting needs to sit in a room for thirty minutes and reevaluate their life choices. So turn on that player piano and give it a listen!

Paul Newman’s posthumously-released memoir, The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man, is a terrific glimpse into the actor’s thoughts and recollections on life as one of the last bona fide movie stars.

Follow us on X or Letterboxd. The bumper music for this episode is by Lord Vinheteiro: you can see the whole incredible video of his performing “The Entertainer” on an authentic-era piano here and visit his YouTube channel here.

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