The Story of American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada


The idea of moving to Canada figures prominently in the imagination of many disaffected Americans. Most recently, it was comedian Marc Maron who said he’s on his way to Vancouver, BC. Usually, they don’t come. However, between the mid-60s and early-70s they really did–and in the 10s of thousands. Yet, when these Americans made their way, they did not always find the Canada they expected.

How did the war resisters help shape radical culture and Canadian national identity? Producer and guest host Ren Bangert explores stories from historians, journalists and war resisters to tackle this question and more.


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Ren Bangert

Ren (she/they) is a managing producer at Cited Media Productions. She holds an MA in journalism from Concordia University, where she studied subjectivity in journalism and how to make a soundscape on a shoestring budget. Ren works on a number of Cited podcasts including Darts and Letters, and spends their free time playing the harp and arguing with their cat.

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