Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee

Oct 21, 2019

Philology and Criticism

A Guide to Mahābhārata Textual Criticism

Anthem Press 2018

purchase at The Hindu great epic, Mahābhārata, exists today in hundreds of variant manuscripts across India. These manuscripts were painstakingly examined, sorted and reconstituted into the official Critical Edition of the Mahābhārata. Is the Critical Edition a viable means of studying India's great epic? While several scholars critique this undertaking project, the authors of Philology and Criticism: A Guide to Mahābhārata Textual Criticism (Anthem Press, 2018), Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee, present a rigorous defense of the Mahābhārata's Critical Edition. Listen in and hear how and why they've done so. You can find a description of the contents and chapter summaries for the Philology and Criticism here.
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