Walking the Via Dolorosa: An Archaeologist Follows Jesus from His Trial to His Crucifixion


Archaeologist Ilka Knüppel discusses her master's thesis—The Search for Jesus's Final Steps: How Archaeological and Literary Evidence Reroutes the Via Dolorosaand how she came to write it. To use both ‘archaeological and literary evidence’ requires digging in both the earth and in books, and to ‘reroute’ the Via Dolorosa reveals that many of the traditional fixtures are pious inventions of later centuries.

Ilka talks a bit about her life, how she became an archaeologist and what kind of projects she has been undertaking since wrote her master’s thesis.

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Krzysztof Odyniec

Krzysztof Odyniec is a historian of Medieval and Early Modern Europe; he is also the host of the 'Almost Good Catholics' podcast.

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