Yvette Taylor

Jun 24, 2023

Working-Class Queers

Time, Place and Politics

Pluto Press 2022

What is the relationship between class and sexuality? In Working-Class Queers: Time, Place and Politics (Pluto Press, 2023), Yvette Taylor, Professor of Education at the University of Strathclyde, explores the lives of working-class queers to tell the story of the past twenty years in the UK and beyond. Reflecting on her own biography as a researcher, the book brings in analysis of a range of research projects, giving insights into the impact of Brexit, austerity, and the pandemic on working-class queers. The book also deals with themes of migration and race, alongside offering a challenge to rethink our contemporary understandings of class. Attentive to the task of teaching, and building a canon of key texts, Taylor’s approach offers much for the classroom as well as for research. A hugely significant intervention on the study of both class and sexuality, the book will be essential reading across the social sciences and humanities.

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