Xueli Wang, "On My Own: The Challenge and Promise of Building Equitable STEM Transfer Pathways" (Harvard Education Press, 2020)


In this episode, I speak with Dr. Xueli Wang from the University of Wisconsin-Madison on her new book, “On My Own: The Challenge and Promise of Building Equitable STEM Transfer Pathways (Harvard Education Press, 2020). For decades, the shortage of STEM talents has been a national concern in the United States. Many discussions about this issue focus on K-12, undergraduate, and graduate education, whereas Xueli takes us to a much less examined road to look at the transferring pathways from community colleges to 4-year colleges. In today’s interview, you will hear us talk about the educational opportunities that the transfer pathways offer to an entire generation of American youths, especially those coming from disadvantaged family backgrounds. We will also discuss how these opportunities have been to some degree compromised for various reasons, and what are some of the things that colleges, universities, communities and the whole society could do to better support aspirational transferring students to pursue their educational dreams. Educators, policy makers, parents, and students who are interested in the transfer pathways will benefit from Xueli’s book, a much-needed and timely contribution to the ongoing conversation on educational equity in the United States.
Pengfei Zhao is a qualitative research methodologist based at the University of Florida. She is currently working on a book manuscript studying the coming of age experience of rural Chinese youth during and right after the Cultural Revolution.

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Pengfei Zhao is a critical researcher and qualitative research methodologist based at McGill University.
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