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Lance Thurner Energopolitics is available open access here. Lance C. Thurner teaches history at Rutgers Newark. His research and writing address the production of knowledge, political subjectivities, and racial and national... Read more
Paul Ramírez’s first book explores how laypeople impacted the new medical techniques and technologies implemented by the imperial state in the final decades of Spanish rule in colonial Mexico. More... Read more
...breakthroughs, and instead, a reflection of the political economic strategies of artisans as they defined their role within the French empire. Lance C. Thurner recently completed a PhD in History... Read more
...century. Virtuous Waters is freely available in electronic format here. Lance C. Thurner is a doctoral candidate in History at Rutgers University, where he has recently defended his dissertation on... Read more
...soldiers, bureaucrats, and merchants all participated in the production of knowledge and shaped the way that the Gulf South was known. Lance C. Thurner is a doctoral candidate at Rutgers... Read more
Peter Sahlins’s 1668: The Year of the Animal in France (Zone Books, 2017) is a captivating look at the role of animals in court and salon culture in the first... Read more
...sustain communities in the face of environmental and political changes. Robert A. Voeks is Professor of Geography and the Environment at California State University, Fullerton Lance C. Thurner recently completed... Read more