Ben Nelson

Sep 13, 2021

A Discussion with Ben Nelson (Part 1)

Founder of the Minerva Project and Minerva University

New Books Network 2021

In the first of two parts, we meet Ben Nelson, the charismatic founder of the Minerva Project and Minerva University. Ben shares the fascinating story of how he was able to convince one of the leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley to back him as a young entrepreneur with no background in education to take on the Ivy League and create the world’s most selective university. Minerva attracts some of the most talented students from around the world who spend their 4 undergraduate years in 7 different leading global cities. Years before the higher education world was forced to move to Zoom by the pandemic, Minerva had figured out how to deliver high quality, live video classes globally delivering a radically different curriculum and educational experience than most colleges.

David Finegold is the president of Chatham University.

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