Michael Alexander: President, Lasell University


This episode feature an interview with Michael Alexander, one of the most innovative small university presidents in the U.S. He discusses a number of the innovations during his 15-year tenure at Lasell University located in the suburbs of Boston, MA: Lasell Village, a very successful retirement community where residents sign up to be full-time students for the rest of their lives, Lasell Works and a new program that lowers the costs of obtaining a degree for students who agree to spend their whole sophomore year learning online while working off campus. Alexander is also one of the co-founders of the Low-Cost Models Consortium that is fostering collaboration among private colleges and industry to find ways to significantly reduce the debt for students to complete their degrees.

David Finegold is the president of Chatham University.

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David Finegold

David Finegold is the president of Chatham University.

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