Andrew L. Yarrow, "Man Out: Men on the Sidelines of American Life" (Brookings Institution Press, 2018)


In the era of #MeToo, Brett Kavanaugh, and Donald Trump, masculinity and the harmful effects that follow certain versions of masculinity have become national conversations. Now, like many other times throughout American history, people are asking “what’s wrong with men?” Some men, however, are not widely talked about. In his new book Man Out: Men on the Sidelines of American Life (Brookings Institution Press, 2018), Dr. Andrew Yarrow investigates these “lost men": those who have left the workforce, isolate themselves, and ultimately become angry. While most would immediately think of the out-of-work coal miner in middle America, Yarrow explains that the population of men who find themselves “out” cut across most demographics. Are these men forced out by larger economic forces? Is something happening culturally that is leading to their isolation? Yarrow tackles these questions and more, along with how we can possibly bring these men “back in.”

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