Megan Condis, "Gaming Masculinity: Trolls, Fake Geeks, and the Battle for Online Culture" (U Iowa Press, 2018)


Gaming has increasingly become part of mainstream culture, from the continued rise of console and PC gaming to the emergence of eSports. Gaming culture has also come under more scrutiny to the non-gaming public. The #Gamergate controversy showed the ugly side of gaming culture, and how gender is imbued within this culture. Gaming culture, as Professor Megan Condis argues, is a masculine institution. Within gaming, masculinity is not only favored but shapes a policing discourse that maintains gender boundaries. Additionally, the masculine politics of gaming culture has found cultural salience in our current political environment. By acting as trolls and using memes—two aspects key to gaming culture—the alt right uses these features of online culture toward their political ends. This book provides a much-needed gendered analysis of gaming culture. For those who consider themselves avid gamers to those who have never picked up a video game in their life, Megan Condis’ Gaming Masculinity: Trolls, Fake Geeks, and the Battle for Online Culture (University of Iowa Press, 2018) is a fascinating and illuminating read.

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