Andratesha Fritzgerald, "Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning" (Cast, 2020)


In the wake of 2020’s movements for Black Lives and exposed racial disparities in working-class deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions are grappling on a massive level with their role in either reproducing or disrupting entrenched systems of exploitative power. While individual agency in enacting inclusive practices can be limited by these massive, intersecting forces, educators also wield tremendous influence over the forces within the learning environments they create for all students—particularly those who have been historically marginalized in society and schools alike.

In Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning: Building Expressways to Learning Success (CAST Professional Publishing, 2020), Andratesha Fritzgerald pairs Universal Design for Learning (UDL)—a framework for embedding options in the methods, materials, assessments and instructional goals that anticipate inevitable learner variability in the classroom—with antiracism, to support educators in effectively honoring the brilliance of Black and Brown children. Drawing vivid portraits of classroom instruction, Fritzgerald shows how teachers committed to antiracist environments can open new roads of communication, engagement, and skill-building so that students feel honored and loved.

Andratesha Fritzgerald, EdS, brings nearly two decades of experience as a teacher, curriculum specialist, administrator and director in urban schools to synthesize these two schools of thought/action through this book. She has been published in What Really Works with Universal Design for Learning (Corwin Press), and on Think Inclusive’s blog. Currently, Fritzgerald serves as Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation for the East Cleveland, Ohio City School Districts, and is the founder of Building Blocks of Brilliance.

Christina Anderson Bosch is a doctoral student in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She reads widely in inclusive education scholarship, comparative special education research, and Universal Design for Learning practices to advance intellectual clarity and abolitionist imaginings about the school-prison nexus.

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Christina Anderson Bosch is faculty at the California State University, Fresno. She is curious about + committed to public, inclusive education in pluralistic societies where critical perspectives on questions of social and ecological justice are valued enough to enact material dignity and metaphysical wellbeing on massive scales.

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