About Christina Bosch

As a publicly-engaged scholar and a product of numerous types of formal and informal education systems, I seek to understand analyses of and personal experiences related to the school-prison nexus in order to advance a radically inclusive education system. As an assistant professor of special education at the California State University at Fresno -- a primary trainer of teachers in the state -- I am currently interested in how teacher education supports cultural competency (to achieve disability, racial, gender, and economic justice) and asset-based approaches in the classroom, so that youth can learn in nurturing communities where adults are cool with each other, everyone can come to feel creative/intellectual freedom, and all cultivate a deep love of ecological and human diversity. On the New Books Network, I hope to disseminate books that deal with these issues from a systems-change perspective, so that good ideas can hybridize across egoic, geographic, cultural, and linguistic borders.

Christina Anderson Bosch is faculty at the California State University, Fresno. She is curious about + committed to public, inclusive education in pluralistic societies where critical perspectives on questions of social and ecological justice are valued enough to enact material dignity and metaphysical wellbeing on massive scales.

NBN Episodes hosted by Christina: