Asian Soft Power in Estonia: A Discussion with Agnieszka Nitza-Makowska


How do Asian nations exercise soft power in the Baltics? Soft power is a political strategy to influence other international relations actors by using a variety of political, economic, and cultural instruments. The rise of Asia aligns with its growing economic, political, and cultural influences worldwide, including in geographically distant Central Eastern and Nordic Europe. In this episode, Agnieszka Nitza-Makowska discusses China’s, India’s and Singapore’s activities in Estonia, drawing on the findings from a new report on “The Political, Economic and Cultural Role of Asia in Northern and Eastern Europe”, published by the University of Tartu Asia Centre.

Agnieszka Nitza-Makowska is a research fellow at the University of Tartu Asia Centre Centre. She received her PhD from the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland. Her current work focuses on two specific themes: China’s and India’s soft power, and the implications of Putin’s nuclear blackmail for the perception of nuclear weapons in South Asia. She also leads a scientific project about China’s environmental diplomacy and its green soft power, funded by Poland’s National Science Centre.

Heidi Maiberg, the host of the episode, is the Head of Communication at the University of Tartu Asia Centre.

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